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Summer Camp 2013

             Another summer has arrived and we would like to welcome you and your kids to this year’s summer camp. A lot of time and effort has been placed to ensure that your kids really benefit from this year’s camp. This year’s theme is “Salt & Light”.

The objective is to provide the children with the Christian understanding that we, as Christians, have a role in society. As the salt of the Earth, we are preservers of God’s covenant and give true flavor to the world.

Moreover, as the light of the world, Christians should shine in a preserved world; we should be a living invitation to others. Aside from this theme, we will be studying the keraza curriculum (Mahragan). We will also have lots of activities for the kids which include arts & crafts, sports, plays, and choirs. So come join us for a summer filled with fun.!! Here are some helpful files, click to download.


Application 2013

Camp Rules


Parent Packet

Servant’s Application