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St. Luke Clinic

St. Luke Clinic – a non-profit, volunteers Clinic.

The Clinic has been in service to help those in need of medical assistance and anyone without medical Insurance, among the congregation of Coptic Orthodox Churches in Tampa and surrounding cities.

Clinic Schedule:

1st Sunday of the month—> Dr. Joseph Ghaly MD, Family Medicine

2nd Sunday of the month—> Dr. George Sidhom MD, Pain Management

3rd Sunday of the month—-> Public Service administration and Ultrasound—> Dr. Adel Habib

and Peter Eskarous Rph.

4th Sunday of the month—-> Dr. Ihab Tawfik MD, Internal medicine

Referrals to outside clinics:

Gynecology—->Dr. Atef Zakhary MD and Dr. Irene Wahba MD

Oncology  —>Dr. William Assad MD and Dr. Sawsan Bishay MD

Primary Care —-> Dr. Sherif Serag MD, Dr. Maha Lewis MD, Dr. Mona Boghdady MD and Dr. Jonathan Youssef MD

Internal Medicine —-> Dr. Wagih El-masry MD

Surgery —-> Dr. Mark Solomon MD

Radiology—->Dr. Peter Bolos MD (Imaging and Ultrasound reports)

Dental—-> Dr. Daniel Wahba DDS, Dr. Ashraf Bessada DDS, DMD and Dr. Bashar


Special agreement for church members with affordable discounted rate—-> Dr. Adel Habib


For $100 charge (In process to get agreement with Maru Diagnostic Center)—-> Dr Adel Habib

Memorial Hospital:

Mammogram, Ultrasound and biopsy Special program for Breast Cancer and suspicious nodules, for women age 50 to 64 years old. If diagnosed for cancer, Memorial Hospital will apply for Medicaid for the patient. Contact St Luke Clinic for eligibility—-> Dr. Adel Habib.

Chronic Disease Follow-up: Hypertension and Diabetes day—-> Dr. Adel Habib

Pharmacy Services: Free Generic medications and discounted or manufacture price on non Generic medications—-> Peter Eskarous Rph

Drug Consultation and Drug alternative and medical supply—-> Peter Eskarous Rph

Social Work:

Medical benefits enrollment for Medicaid, Medicare and Hillsborough County

: Financial aid from Medicaid, SSI and Hillsborough County

: Federal benefits for Asylee

Clinic Manager: Dr. Adel Habib

Assistant Manager: Peter Eskarous Rph